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40 Web Design Tips


 webite_design_tip1-8Your web design should be simple, and clean. Be sure that there is no clutter. Each page should have it's own goal. All content should be professionally written, and error free. Only list information that is useful. Don't overwhelm your visitors with lengthy descriptions. Keep the descriptions short, simple, and to the point.

Every page of your website must have a call to action for your visitors. It should prompt them to take another step towards making a purchase. Be sure to have only one call to action link, or button, per page. This could be a "Call Now" link, or a "proceed to checkout" button. If you ask too much from your customers per page they will become overwhelmed.
website_design_tip3Every page of your website should follow a constant theme. Keep your page colors the same. Your font style, and size should also be the same. Avoid confusing your customers. If you own more than one site for the same product it's a good idea to keep both sites consistent with each other. Your customers will come to know you by your design. It's like your trademark.
website_design_tip4You can look at some of the internet most popular websites to see that the best checkout processes are simple, easy, and fast. Require only information that is needed from your customers. Don't be too wordy in your instructions. Keep your checkout page well maintained, and clutter free. The easier it is for your customers to checkout the more likely they will be to complete their purchase. If checkout is complicated they will click away.






Features Of A Successful Ecommerce Website Design




Your web design should draw customers in with featured sales, and promotions. Make sure all of your featured sales and promotions are highly visible. For example, use bold text to highlight sales on your homepage. It's also a good idea to add promotions, or limited time sales, to your sites headline. Customers love to get more for less. So, give them what they want and your website will yield a great return on your investment.




  Allow your customers to sort, filter, or view all of your products. Enable an option that lets them see what they, are looking for exactly. For example, pricing from low-to-high. When you make it easy for your customers to sort through your products they will be more likely to buy from your website if they can find what they are looking for. 




  You can keep your visitors on your site longer, and make more sales, by offering a list of related products. If a person has clicked on your site they obviously are interested in the type of products you are selling. Offering related products that may also interest them could mean more sales for your business.





If a product you offer is out of stock be sure to let your customers know in the product description. Send them an email update when you get more of that product. Customers will become frustrated if they order a product, and get all the way through checkout, just to find that the product isn't in stock.




  The dynamic shopping cart is better than the typical shopping cart. It allows your customers to clearly see what they have in their carts. Ensure that your websites shopping cart is dynamic. Your customers will appreciate it.





Add a shipping costs calculator to your checkout page, or shopping cart page. Don't leave your customers guessing how much it will cost to have their items shipped. Customers want to know exactly what they will be charged before they make their payment. They do not want any last minute surprises.





Offer order tracking on all purchases. Your customers will be able to use this feature to find out where their products are, and when they will receive them. Order tracking gives customers peace of mind. It makes them feel better about shopping on your site.





Add a search option so that your customers can search for the products they are looking for. Allow the search option to suggest similar products. This could mean more sales for your site. Visitors will be able to see more of what you offer.




Social media like, share, and post buttons allow your customers to share your page through sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. When your customers share your page your site will be seen by more people. The more shares you get the better. It gives your site exposure and helps to promote it.





Customers want details about the products they are looking at. Keep your descriptions short, simple, and to the point. Be sure to include all necessary information. State your products uses, size, colors, etc. Let your customers know exactly what they will be getting, and how it can benefit them.




It's always a good idea to give your customers as many options to choose from as you can. This includes shipping options. Let your customers choose how they want their products shipped. Offer them a few different ways such as expedited, ground, air, etc.





Be sure to send your customers a notice of payment confirmation. This will make them feel safer, and more secure. They will know that they have completed the purchase successfully. They will also have proof of their payment.






Beyond the purchase website success.


The Dashboard…


The dashboard is the place where you can see all of the pertinent information about your sites performance. Your dashboard should be customizable. It should display summaries of out of stock items, information requests, pending orders, and sales figures. Your dashboard helps you to see how well your site is performing. It allows you to keep track of several things from one location. It's a very important part of your site.


Administrator Management…


If you are not the only person updating your website you should have administrator management. This allows you to designate other people to help you with your site. It allows you to set them as administrators so that they have access to work on your site.


Store Management…


It's important that you are able to edit all of your categories, and sub-categories, through your websites backend. This includes being able to edit descriptions, product colors, sizes, etc. You should also be able to specify what products will be displayed, and where they will be displayed.


Order Management…


It doesn't matter if you have 3rd party management or not. You should still have a clear understanding of the status of all of your sites sales, and shipped orders. This is very important. In order to effectively run your site you have to be able to keep track of these things at all times.

As you now know having a website is more than just sticking together some random amateurish work. Having a great web design is what morphs your visitors into customers and converts your customers into life long buyers.




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