Web Design Do’s & Don’ts

Do-look at your competitions website. Don't just look at their site; study it, test it. See what's good about it and what is bad.

Do– Look at other websites, especially, your competitors. so that you will have a clear idea of what type of website you want and need.

Don't– Look at a 15,000 website and think that you can duplicate it for 10% of that price.

Don't-get a website built by a company based in China. Take a look at this website built for a US business by a China web designer. So, what's wrong with this site?


  • The pink arrows indicate:duplicate content; 3 logos on one page! Your website should have one logo in the upper left hand corner. And your logo should ALWAYS remain the same color. Have you ever seen McDonalds logo change color?
  • The purple arrow indicates duplicate content: about/ about page???
  • The big red circles indicate the date and time;The date and time should never, ever be on your website! You want your visitors on your website to focus on buying into your products or services, not what time it is!
  • The red arrows indicate wrong links. The China based company did this as a trick to prove to the website owner that his website is being found in Google searches. Which is technically true.(look at the photo below). Yes, his website is registered with Google, but his website is not being found in Google searches for clothing, but instead the Chinese based company is using what we call in the industry as the meta description(see photo below) as another opportunity to sell its web design services. So, the US based company is not getting found in Google searches for clothing or T-shirt designs. Thus, the only traffic the clothing company is getting is traffic they generate themselves via word-of-mouth or social media.  
  • The dark green arrows indicated duplicate content; 3 different places, on one page, for social media, is over kill. Once per page is enough. 
  • The pale green arrow indicated uselessness/foolishness "What's Happening" Your website should answer questions not ask them.
  • The big yellow circle indicates the next error which is the contact info is way too small. Your customers are not going to go searching for your number it should be promitely displayed. The contact info is the only content on this page that should be duplicated and it's the only info on this web page that is not duplicated.
  • The blue arrow and circle is the worst error of all the Web designer is actually advertising on this company's website.


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