Web Design Pricing

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

That's a complicated question, because web design pricing differs depending on a few factors like:

What type of web design does your business need?

Do you need a non-ecommerce website or an ecommerce website there is a huge differnece in the cost of a online store verses a standard website,

The second factor to consider in web design pricing is how many pages do you want/need?

Please remember that less is not more in the world of web design. A five page website is not sufficient. In the online world, the more content you have on your website, the more SEO friendly your website is, which means the more likely your website will be found in Google searches (with some marketing) For example, Google plumber, or shoes, or whatever service or business that you are in. I guarantee that the companies on page one of Google have much more than 5 pages.

The third factor to consider in web design pricing is:

what features do you want? 

a responsive website?

 embedded videos, audio, custom graphic design features like this.

What functions do you need?

  interactive forms, Click to Call buttons (for mobile visitors to your site), slideshow?

Integration of Skype, PayPal, Shopping carts, a multitude of variations

The fourth factor to think about in website design and development cost is the actual design itself.


  • Web Interface Design = Design for all your website graphics and page layouts, not including logo.
  • Programming = Hosting setup, database setup, application design and programming, testing, technical project management.
  • Content– Are we writing the content for your website or do you already have it written.
  • Project Management = Primary point of contact with the client, project schedule and milestones, communication, and consultation.
  •  More Complex = Higher Costs.image-detroit-website-design-phone_number


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